Why us ?

With over 25 years combined experience our friendly team can help bring your tattoos ideas to life.

From a large piece of work such as a backpiece or sleeve.

To something small and meaningful such as a name or symbol.

Meet the team


Kevin Clark found his way into tattooing after his apprenticeship back in 2006 working under Dave Diamond. Working his way up, Kevin worked in a number of studios in the UK before making the leap in to opening up his own in 2015. Known as Kevin ‘Classic Markings’ Clark with a number of awards under his belt. Kevin specialises in Black and Grey, Realism, Dot work and much more.


Kraig started his tattoo journey at a studio in Newbury under the guidance of Kevin where they both used to work. Kraig and Kevin have been working together for many years now. Kraig specialises in traditional solid tattooing and mandala styles but is also very happy tattooing small names to symbols. Kraig can be found on instagram at Kraggybdesign and at Kraggybtattoos.



Kathy has shown a keen interest in tattooing for a few years now. This interest has led her to work under Kraig and Kevin as an apprentice at Classic Markings.  It all  started from having her own tattoo.  “The idea of tattooing really inspires me. I find it fascinating to watch the process from start to finish”.  Kathy is keen to learn and will happily show off her drawings and designs.


After being introduced to Tattoo’s at a young age, Harvey found his love for tattooing at the age of 12, which has led to him working as an apprentice under his dad Kevin. When not in the studio, Harvey like to paint all types of Tattoo flash but leans towards more traditional types of flash.